7 Steps to Your Best Relationship EVER!

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Course Description

These days, it isn’t all that difficult to find someone to date.  There are thousands of websites and apps to get you as many dates as you want.  But none of those sites or apps show you how to have an actual relationship. No matter how you meet the other person, whether online or in person, if you want to have a loving, permanent and healthy relationship, you’re going to need help to learn how to have the best relationship you’ve ever had!

7 Steps to Your Best Relationship EVER! shows you how you’ve initiated, managed and gotten through your past relationships, both the good and bad things you picked up from those relationships, the factors that are blocking you from having a healthy and long-lasting healthy relationship and the steps that you can take to improve yourself as a person and as a partner and adjust your mindset so that you no longer attract or settle for the same types of people and situations you’ve had before.  You will be prepared for your BEST relationship ever!

What You Will Learn:

  • How your history of relationships influences the ones you have now
  • How to begin relationships properly so they start out healthy
  • What to do so you can keep your relationship healthy and strong
  • How to keep your past stuff from infecting your current healthy stuff
  • How to determine if the relationship you’re in is one worth keeping
  • How to end an unhealthy relationship if you’re in one
  • How to move on and head straight into the best relationship you’ve ever had!

Course Content

Total learning: 18 lessons


Fascinated with human behavior and relationships, Dr. Keiron Brown has devoted his life to helping others. He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and specializes in relationship work and psychological assessment. He has helped individuals, families and couples live better and more fulfilling lives. Dr. Brown is also an author and speaker. His book “Don’t Date a Psycho: Don’t Be One, Don’t Date One” sells around the world in different languages. His speaking events have helped many to understand more about themselves, their relationships and the obstacles and barriers that often interfere with their happiness and success. Dr. Brown helps people become stronger, more fulfilled in their relationships and their lives and has helped them become more successful professionally. He enriches people through his many books, his "Relationship is Everything" podcast, through his library of online courses and webinars and through online Mastermind groups. Dr. Brown accepts six special people per year for one-on-one "Relentless Success Training" with him that includes comprehensive, meticulous psychological assessment that uncovers the deep-seated obstacles that interfere with a person's professional success, and then designs a detailed strategy that will enable them to eliminate their barriers and become the successes they strive to be.


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