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Relationship is Everything.  No matter how you meet or connect with people, you have to know how to have effective relationships with them if you hope to ever have something more than just superficial, short-term or disposable and meaningless interactions.  Life is too short for you to keep having the same kinds of experiences you’ve always had.  7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever offers you the means to become far more effective and fulfilled as an individual, and happier and healthier as a partner in amazing relationships.  The time is now.  YOUR time is now!

The 7 Steps course was designed by Dr. Keiron Brown, a Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert with 30 years’ experience helping individuals find relationship happiness, helping couples repair damaged relationships and designing ways to eliminate the obstacles that often impede the development and enjoyment of healthy relationships.  With this course, Dr. Brown has streamlined the process of finding happiness and fulfillment in a stable and long-term relationship: from detecting the issues from your past distort your perceptions of relationships to developing refining exactly the skills you need to find and that nurturing and fulfilling relationship that is different and better than any you’ve had before!

Dr. Keiron Brown

Dr. Keiron Brown, a licensed Psychologist, has helped people enjoy better lives and have healthy and fulfilling relationships for 30 years.  He is the author of the “Don’t Date a Psycho” series of books and created the Emotional Credit Report, a powerful and effective tool that enriches lives.  Dr. Brown designed these courses as blueprints that will help you have the kinds of amazing and loving relationships you’ve always wanted.  The courses improve the relationship that you have with yourself and the relationships that you have with partners, in marriages, in families and in the workplace.  Relationships are the most important connections you have in life, and these courses can improve and enhance all of them.

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