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The following Privacy Policy statement is intended to help you understand how “7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever” uses the information that you decide to share, so that you can ultimately decided if you want to share it.  From this point on, “7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever,” located at 7 Steps to Your Best Relationship will be known, collectively, as “7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever” or as “7 STEPS…”.


At 7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever, our positions on privacy are straightforward, and they exist to protect each and every user, so that they can all enjoy learning about themselves and their relationships, grow as people, and do so without having to worry about anyone using their personal information for any other purposes.


  1. Other than your first name and email address, there is no other personal or identifying information from you or about you that is saved on our servers.  Any other personal, identifying or financial data reside solely with you. We have no access to any of that data.  We NEVER sell or provide that information to any third party for the purpose of selling you anything, tracking you for commercial purposes, or for any kind of marketing reasons.


  1. The intended user of 7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever is at least 18 years old or the age of majority in their respective locales.  We strongly recommend that any minors that access this site, in any way, ask their parents,’ guardians’ or caretakers’ permission before joining us or enrolling in a course, or before sending any information about themselves to anyone related to this site, its authors, contributors or administrators (content, technical, technological or commercial).


Links to Other Sites


7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever may contain links to other websites, and as such, we cannot be responsible for the privacy practices and policies of those other sites.  While we stress safety and privacy for this site and its creator, we cannot necessarily vouch for other sites, companies or entities.  As such, all of our users are encouraged to read those sites’ privacy policies/statements and terms of service statements, as they pertain to if, how, and why they may collect personally identifiable information.  The responsibility for this type and level or due diligence rests with any and all users of 7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever and its content.

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